Thursday, June 2, 2011

Day 1

Ahhh, so here I am at day one again. I think this is going to be a much easier way to do this. I had my green smoothie this morning. Try it out if you want to feel energized all day. Really, it makes such a huge difference. Most of us do not get enough greens and this is a wonderful way to sneak in a ton of them quite quickly. I do different smoothies on different days. Today, I combined 1/2 cup frozen sliced plantains, 1 cup frozen whole strawberries (local and organic), 3 pitted medjool dates (as a nutritious sweetener), 1 1/4 cups water and a head of romaine lettuce (yes the entire head). Blend everything but the lettuce until it is smooth, then start adding lettuce one leaf at a time. I put the entire head into my smoothie, but if you're new to green smoothies and like a milder flavor, try adding a little less. Your taste buds will adjust over time and you will be able to add more greens and enjoy them.

For my home challenge, I cleaned out the deep freeze. Doesn't seem pampering to you? Well, to me it does because there is something so renewing about opening up the freezer door and seeing lots of space for good, healthy home cooked food and frozen produce. Throughout the summer, I like to buy from local farmers and then save some things for the winter. Yummy.

When the kids went down for their naps, I headed out to the garden to work on mulching. This is the secret tool that will hopefully help me keep the weeds under control so that we can have a nice yield this year. It was hot out there, but seeing everything come together felt so good.

When Lily got tired and went back to sleep, I did a nice relaxing yoga routine, Crunch: Candlelight Yoga. This was about 45 minutes instead of 10-15, but I splurged today and did it anyway. It was so very relaxing and renewing and incredibly easy, so give it a shot if you can carve out the time.

Following yoga, I gave my feet a nice massage with some ginger and clementine lotion and they are feeling all soft and energized.

What have you done for yourself today?

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