About Me

My name is Anne and I lam a wife, WAHM (work-at-home mom) to two beautiful kiddos, writer, minister, natural birth activist, violin teacher and daughter of God. My days are probably just like those of almost any parent -- busy. Mornings are spent homeschooling, running to play dates and doing errands. When the kids go down for their afternoon nap, I put on my work hat and go to town on writing and ministry tasks. Evenings are family time, spent cooking dinner, doing bedtime routines and catching up with my amazing husband.

So, when do I catch up with myself? That is what this blog is about. Every day for one year, I am going to do something to pamper myself for 15 minutes a day. It may not sound like much and certainly in my single days I never had trouble making that time for myself. But, as a busy working parent I spend most of my time taking care of things for other people and it is easy to lose sight of that all important "me time." I have to be mindful and intentional about it.  How will mindful pampering impact how I feel, parent, work and think? Could those few minutes each day somehow transform other areas of my life? 

Join me in my year of mindful pampering: 365 days of doing something good for myself. Follow along on the blog and copy my ideas or come up with pampering actions of your own and post them on your blog or in the comments section of each day's blog post.