Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 6

Today was a different kind of really good day filled with family and friends. I love days like that. I got my green smoothie in, but that was the only thing I did as far as challenges go. Instead, I ditched all of that and went to go see a good friend out in the country. We hung out and talked for hours, while my son played and my daughter nursed. Her husband came home during the last part of our visit and so he and Will played in the yard. Will had the time of his life digging a hole and building a mountain with the dirt from the hole. LOL, I love it! Anyway, today was just all together pampering and renewing.

As if that wasn't enough good and fun stuff for one day, the midwifery bill passed the Licensing Committee in North Carolina (unanimously!!), so now it is off to the Health Committee. That just put me on cloud nine. I cannot wait for the party we're all going to have once it finally makes it through all the hoops and CPM's are legal and licensed in this state.

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