The Challenge

Every day for one year I challenge myself (and you!) to take at least 15 minutes to do something pampering that makes me feel good. What qualifies as pampering? It depends on the day and what my needs are. If the kids are moody, it could be as simple as 15 minutes of peace and quiet to clear my head or read a magazine. Other times, it might be a home pedicure, a 15-minute massage or a luxurious bubble bath. When I'm down, it could be a phone call to a cheerful friend, a few extra minutes of prayer and praise time or an additional 15 minute run for stress relief at the end of a long day.

Pampering has to do with meeting unmet needs, so the things that pamper me vary from day to day and could be different from what pampers you today. Join me on this journey by following along with what I do for myself each day and posting about your own pampering actions, as well as how they impact the rest of your life.