Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2

Today has been a busy day! The kids and I went an hour away to meet a friend and her kids for lunch. I made my green smoothie in the morning before we left (same one as yesterday).

I spent another 20 minutes out in the garden working on mulching and that felt good. I've got about half the garden done now.

I did a short relaxing yoga, but it was waaaay too easy for me. If you're brand new to yoga, check it out, but otherwise look elsewhere. Sometimes I forget that I've been doing yoga off and on for about 15 years now, so my idea of easy and someone else's idea of easy could be two different things.

The challenge around the house was to clean off the top of the fridge/freezer and wash the doors of cabinets and any shelves in the kitchen. The cabinets were no big deal since I did them a couple of weeks ago. The top of the fridge/freezer was in desperate need of help.Things are much improved now.

My physical pampering mission for today was clipping my fingernails, filing them, oiling my cuticles and pushing them down. My hands are so busy between housework, gardening, violin, caring for kids, cooking and other things that my nails get to be in pretty sorry shape. I'd been having issues with hangnails the past week, so I knew it was time to pamper my hands. They feel so much better now!

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